Fashion hair colours for spring / summer 2016

Fashion hair colours for spring / summer 2016

Fashion hair colours for spring / summer 2016


It is time for a new hair colour - delicate and fresh as the spring itself, bright and reminiscent of the summer...

Are you ready for the change? Let's immerse together into the pageant of colours celebrating the beginning of the warm months.



 This colour is a tender combination of blue, light green and grey shades that goes well with literally everything, just like our favorite classic pair of jeans and likewise it retains its attractiveness even after it starts to fade.

 Celebrity inspiration: Kylie Jenner

Кайли Дженър




 Blonde or brown? Why not both?! This trend is inspired by the ladies who desire to enter into a new persona - that of a dark-haired temptress and yet cannot say goodbye to their blonde looks.

 Celebrity inspiration: Keri Russell

Кери Ръсел

 "Cinnamon snails"

 Named so by New York colorist Ryan Pearl, this fashionable colour is a sweet blend of cinnamon and caramel hues, reminiscent of the popular dessert that is baked until golden.

 Celebrity inspiration: Natalia Borges

 Сиена Милър


 The opal trend is a gentler version of the hairstyles that have all colours of the rainbow, where to the naturally blonde or lightened hair, a subtle accents with colours of fresh greenery, roses and lavender are added.

 Celebrity inspiration: Raven Simone
Рейвън Симон


Cherry bombré

The term derives from the words "brunette" and "ombré" and was introduced by celebrity coiffeur Beth Minardi. As you probably already guessed, it indicates the colour combination resulting from a smooth transition from auburn to cherry red.

Celebrity inspiration: Barbara Palvin

 Барбара Палвин


Pink gold

 The tangle of cold and warm shades resembling the colour of the precious metal is particularly suitable for women who want to give more expression to their blonde hair in a very unostentatious way.

 Celebrity inspiration: Sienna Miller

 Сиена Милър

Silver ash

Bright, enchanting and promising to become a hit this summer, the combination of silver and ash in the hair is a great illustration that not all shades of grey are boring and make you look older.

Celebrity inspiration: Ciara


Neutral blonde

 Blonde never loses its popularity. This fashion season, in the spotlight is the neutral blonde colour obtained by mixing the mutually "suppressing" hot and cold tones.

 Celebrity inspiration: Amanda Seyfried

 Аманда Сийфрид

Are you looking for more inspirational ideas for an irresistible summer appearance? You will find them in the KOLORA collection of gourgeous colours of hair dye - colours that are always in fashion!

KOLORA - coloured hair is really shining

KOLORA - coloured hair is really shining

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